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Green Roof & Living Architecture In A Tropical Climate
Start Date 07/08/2017
End Date 07/08/2017
Description See an abbreviated history and examples of green roof and living architecture from around the world; hear the benefits of green roofs and living green architecture; understand the terminology, design and the components of green roof systems; understand how to calculate overburden roof loads, see how to calculate stormwater detention and runoff; find out about green roof standards, wind studies and the impact on green roof design; hear about past and present methods of leak testing; learn about material and plant warranties and maintenance requirements.
Location Boca Raton, FL
Distance Learning No
Course Equivalency No
Subjects Green Roofs
Health, Safety and Welfare Yes
Hours 2.0
Learning Outcomes (1)History of green roof and living architecture (2)Benefits of a green roof and living architecture (3)Design considerations, terminology, structures/loads, wind studies, system and component parts (4)Stormwater catchment, cistern storage, water budget and detention and treatment (5)Leak testing methods (6)
Instructors Leo F. Urban
Website Registration
Course Codes 10633
Provider FL|ASLA

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