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Case Study: Stormwater Treatment Train at Siesta Beach Park
Start Date 07/08/2017
End Date 07/08/2017
Description Course covers the design and implementation of a comprehensive stormwater treatment system incorporating new and expanded parking utilizing pervious concrete, vegetated bioswales, wet retention pond, and ultraviolet treatment technology in a public park context in Sarasota County. The system was designed to better filter pollutants at multiple points prior to discharge into the Gulf of Mexico, where previous water quality issues had caused frequent beach closures. The solutions employed show how stormwater treatment is not limited to serving only as a ultility but can also as a park feature.
Location Boca Raton, FL
Distance Learning No
Course Equivalency No
Subjects Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare Yes
Hours 1.0
Learning Outcomes (1)Utilization of current stormwater treatment train practices (2)Strengths and weaknesses of pervious concrete applications (3)Bioswale best practices in a coastal environment (4)Stormwater treatment quality in public park settings (5)Ultraviolet stormwater treatment technologies in practice (6)
Instructors Bill Waddill, Amy Wicks, Sarasota County Staff Guest Speaker
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Course Codes 10678
Provider FL|ASLA

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