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Historic Garden Attractions & the Image of the Florida Landscape
Start Date 07/06/2017
End Date 07/06/2017
Description Perceptions of nature in early modern Florida powerfully shaped the state's identity & development. The idealized image of a tropical paradise was used to promote growth & tourism, still central to our economy & culture. Florida's garden attractions were a unique landscape type that strove to make this image real. Now mostly vanished, those that remain are re-defining themselves for the 21st century. An overview of the attraction phenomenon & selected case studies of surviving gardens shows how their sense of wonder about Florida's natural environment can still inform and inspire our work
Location Boca Raton
Distance Learning No
Course Equivalency No
Subjects Historic Preservation
Health, Safety and Welfare Yes
Hours 1.0
Learning Outcomes (1) Gain a broader historical knowledge and appreciation of the public's perceptions of Florida's environment (2) See how those perceptions have shaped and still shape our usage and design of public and private landscapes (3) Learn historical examples of how entrepreneurs leveraged this image into a unique landscape type, the garden attraction (4) Learn about the evolution of the attraction industry & the challenges & opportunities facing nature-based attractions (5) Learn about examples of adaptive rehabilitation of these historic landscapes, with varying degrees of success (6) Learn how educational content - on natural & historic resources - can shape physical planning & design for cultural landscapes
Instructors David Sacks
Website Registration
Course Codes 10349
Provider FL|ASLA

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