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Introduction to HEC-RAS Modeling
Registration Eligibility None
Start Date 07/21/2017
End Date 07/21/2017
Description This is a 6.5 hour live lecture presentation with the instructors and students together in the same room. It will be conducted in a handicap-accessible conference room with ample seating space and writing surface for all attendees. Bound written materials, authored by the faculty, will be distributed to all participants at the program. Attendance will be monitored and reported to LA CES.

This course covers the development and applications of HEC-RAS modeling software, the HEC-RAS user interface, steady flow water surface profiling, bridge and culvery modeling, and 1- and 2-dimensional unsteady low simulations.
Location Cherry Hill, NJ
Distance Learning No
Course Equivalency No
Subjects Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare Yes
Hours 6.50
Learning Outcomes Learners will be able to discuss the history and development of the US Army Corp of Engineer's HEC-RAS computer program (now in the public domain) and its applications, including flood risk assessment, floodplain management, roadway, bridge and culvert design, and new channel or channel modification design.

Learners will be able to describe basic applicable hydraulic principles, including conservation of energy and momentum, energy losses and Manning's Equation, and backwater effects Learners will be able to navigate the HEC-RAS software user interface.

Learners will be able to utilize HEC-RAS software to create steady flow profiles and one- and two-dimensional unsteady flow simulations.

Learners will be able to utilize special elements of HEC-RAS software for bridge and culvert modeling and lateral and diversion structures.
Instructors Mark Jones
Website Registration
Course Codes 072117CHHL
Provider HalfMoon Education Inc.

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