Smart Management: Successfully Transitioning from Team Member to Manager (ST-0199)

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Successful transition and successful leadership depends on identifying effective strategies for building a team around you as leader and manager. This interactive online course focuses upon the challenges and key strategies for transition from the position of team member to the role of team leader. During this course, we will explore key theories of career development and transition within the corporate environment, as well as theories about team dynamics and the role of leaders. We will also discuss challenges related to the transition from team member to team leader, and strategic and tactical solutions for successful transition within a corporate team. Career development plans, including how to create them, modify them, and apply them to different career scenarios will also be discussed.
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Discuss key theories of career development and transition within corporate environments, and apply theoretical knowledge of career development and transitional issues to your own experiences.
Explain the workings of team dynamics and apply strategies related to leadership and team transitions.
Describe theories of leadership, particularly in corporate environments, and discuss how they apply to team dynamics and career development.
Define strategic and tactical solutions to facilitate successful transitions within a corporate team
Tobias Jedlund
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