Tours of "The Spring" and Williamsburg Garden in Terms of Landscape Architecture

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Tours of “The Spring” and the Williamsburg Garden which will highlight the therapeutic values of the landscape, and the design considerations related to the planning and installation of the gardens: “The Spring” session will focus on the goal of a conservation and native plant installation. The Williamsburg Garden session will focus on the issues related to its location, how it relates to historic gardens and provides residents with opportunities for use, recreation and relaxation.
Mechanicsville, VA
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Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
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1. Discuss the challenges of converting and restoring a previous construction site into a natural area capable of providing a therapeutic landscape using native plant materials.

2. Discuss the collaboration of students, residents, staff and advisors to guide design and develop a sense of ownership by residents of the landscape and its amenities.

3. Discuss the sources of funding to include grants and memorial gifts for the implementation of project elements.

4. Discuss the sources of plant materials for the Williamsburg Garden and resident input into the final plant selection.

5. Discuss the constructed design elements important to the development of the “The Spring and the Williamsburg Garden.
Richard Gibbons, FASLA, Jimmy Shepherd, ASLA, Tileston Johnson, ASLA
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