Reducing Risk: Preparing to be an Expert Witness in a Deposition and Trial (RV-11144)

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In the litigious atmosphere of today, professionals are often asked to be expert witnesses in civil suits, or to simply provide services for mediations and forensic investigations. In this course, you will learn what to expect when asked to participate in legal processes or forensic investigations, how to prepare, and how to minimize your business’ exposure to possible legal actions. We will discuss ethical conduct and the role of the expert witness as a non-advocate. We’ll explore what is expected behavior throughout the process, how to handle oneself under pressure, and how to prepare for mediations, deposition and trial. Additionally, this course will outline how to conduct yourself as an expert witness during depositions and trials representing yourself as a competent witness who is in control, reputable, believable, and most of all, an unbiased knowledgeable witness.
Distance Learning
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
describe the procedures of the court process
discuss the psychology of the court process
identify contradicting questions
explain how to interact with your attorney, the opposing attorney, the judge and the jury
state opinions and conclusions according to a prescribed format
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