MON-B02: Keeping America Beautiful: The Visual Environment at Risk

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Lady Bird Johnson’s legacy of support for visual beauty is at risk. Fifty years later, poorly designed transportation, energy, and communication grids dominate urban landscapes. They threaten public health, depress economic vitality, and thwart environmental justice. This session will examine reviving and extending the legacy, including to the disadvantaged.
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Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Gain awareness of current visual pollution issues facing regions across the U.S. and participate in a discussion to develop a strategy to take these issues on.
Learn why it is the responsibility of landscape architects to advocate for visual concerns, how awareness has lagged, and why embracing these issues provides professional opportunities.
Understand how visual quality affects physical and mental health, and how lack of attention has disproportionately affected disadvantaged communities.
Become acquainted with visual impact assessment processes, including the updated 2015 FHWA Guidelines for Visual Impact Assessment, and discuss how such guidelines can improve a community's quality of life.
Bradford McKee, Ellen Alster, Diane Jones Allen, Craig Churchward
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