SAT-A03: SITES®: Early Planning for Maintenance and Performance Furthers Sustainability Goals and Marketability

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Increased municipal requirements and decreased maintenance budgets are challenges that affect public and private projects. This session examines how early integration of sustainable design decisions for hydrology, soil, and vegetation with operations and maintenance plans can improve performance outcomes, cost effectiveness, educational opportunities, and marketability while satisfying SITES credits.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Learn how to integrate decision choices early in the design process for water, soils, and vegetation with operations and maintenance plans to improve performance outcomes.
Identify lessons learned from SITES project examples and other relevant projects that demonstrate sustainable practices with performance monitoring.
Analyze data from performance monitoring and show how it can translate to cost effectiveness. Demonstrate how developing successful metrics early can serve as an economic tool and improve individual marketability.
Develop ideas for educational elements, programming, and partnerships that extend and enhance sustainability awareness and learning.
Hunter Beckham, Meg Calkins, Andrea Parker
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