SWPPP and the Landscape Architect – Course # GCE: 1-1701

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This course provides the reader with a history and explanation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans giving the background of the Clean Water Act and the Environmental Protection Agency. The process and the people involved are defined and explained with regard to the SWPPP process. This includes the EPA, state agencies, MS4s, the land owner, qualified inspector and trained contractor with each of their responsibilities. It lists the typical sequence of events for a SWPPP and ends with an explanation of why and how landscape architects can best provide this service for the welfare of their clients and the environment.
A comprehensive article is followed by a 10 question test requiring an 80% passing grade for credit. This course offers 1 PDH – HSW (Environmental process and analysis, Sustainable design, Stormwater management, Erosion and Sediment control).
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Remediation / Brownfields
Site Planning
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Readers will learn the history of the Clean Water Act regulations.
2. Landscape architects will come away with a better understanding of the SWPPP process and how they can provide this service to their clients.
3. A better understanding of the process and terminology regarding SWPPPs will prepare the landscape architect to further research state requirements and implement this service where they practice.
4. Most importantly, this article provides the landscape architect with the knowledge that this is a valuable service to their clients and the environment that is required by the state agencies that stipulate what professionals are qualified to provide such services specifically including landscape architects.
Richard W Gibney RLA
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GCE: 01-1701

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