Smart Time Management: 7 Steps to Regaining Control of Your Day (ST-0191)

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Feeling out of control and overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish each day? No matter how hectic your schedule appears, you can regain control of your day and increase your daily productive time. How? Effective time management is your tool to design success at work and at home. This interactive online course details a complete, integrated time management system. This system contains just seven steps, which will assist you in developing an effective and efficient method for allocating time and regaining control of your life. In addition to honing your prioritization skills, you will also learn how best to use your reclaimed time and how to periodically reassess your time management process so you can maintain control of your day.
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Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course, you will be able to:

Identify two hours or more of productive time daily

List the Seven Steps to Regaining Control of Your Day

Discuss four causes of poor time management

Describe an ideal workday based on the Seven Step System
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