Smart Management: The Art & Science of Delegation (ST-0188)

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Many think delegation is a way to load others with work, hopefully relieving themselves of both some work and, possibly, some responsibility. But that’s a narrow and negative perspective on delegation that seldom leads to increased productivity or profitability. The true purpose of delegation is to get more accomplished in less time through the effective utilization of the talent and resources available. Used correctly, delegation allows us to work constantly on our business rather than merely working in it. It tell us when others can do needed activities, faster, cheaper, and better than we can ourselves.

The mastery of delegation is the highest form of personal leverage and the ultimate time management tool. It multiplies the number of projects we can effectively work on at once, and also shortens the time between concept and delivery of the product or service to the client or market. This 1-hour interactive online course defines delegation, explains its benefits, and guides the student through the process of delegating tasks and projects.
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
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Learning Outcomes
•Define delegation as used in this course
•Recognize problems leading to delegation
•List at least 13 benefits of delegation
•Recognize commonly cited obstacles to delegation
•Identify at least 10 components of proper delegation
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