Smart Business Writing: How to Write Powerful & Persuasive Emails (ST-0024AD)

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Writing an email is the same as any other form of correspondence, only faster and a lot less formal, right? Wrong. Almost every professional today is faced with the seemingly simple task of writing emails but there are specific considerations that apply to email that we should always consider before we hit “Send.” This 1-hour online interactive course teaches you the specifics for using electronic mail to focus and present information effectively. It covers the need to capture your reader’s attention immediately and then hold it by arranging the details in a logical sequence, and helps you avoid common pitfalls like a careless subject line and lax grammar and style conventions. You’ll also learn what the differences should be between composing an email that “tells” information and email that “sells”; how to use the Pyramid writing plan for maximum efficacy in getting your message across, and perhaps the single most paramount rule in email writing: Pause before you hit Send!
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
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Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, you will be able to:

Recognize the components of the Pyramid Writing Plan
Define poorly-written vs. well-written emails
Describe effective, appropriate e-mail messages
Discuss efficient, error-free e-mail
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