Natural Swimming Pools Seminar for Landscape Professionals

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Open to all landscape industry professionals, including Landscape Architects, Landscape Contractors, Designers, and students.
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Originally designed in Europe, a Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) is a constructed body of water in which all purification is achieved by botanical and biological filters, aquatic plants, and beneficial microbes in a carefully constructed wetlands regeneration zone. The water in an NSP is not disinfected or sterilized in any way - it is a biologically active living ecosystem. NSPs are ecologically harmonious, healthful for humans and the environment, and 100% chemical-free.

The construction of an NSP has been described as a personally responsible, sustainable consumer choice. A Natural Swimming Pool is not just a place to swim, it is a prized eco-friendly watershape that promotes biodiversity and enhances the ecology of the surrounding landscape.

Learn about Natural Swimming Pools from the experts at BioNova® Natural Pools. Presentation topics will include:

- Role of the Landscape Architect in design and planning NSPs
- How Natural Swimming Pools Work
- Design Aesthetics
- Basic Construction Fundamentals
- Water Quality and Algae Control
- Aquatic Plants
- Maintenance
- FLL Guidelines
Chester, NJ
Distance Learning
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Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Horticulture / Plants
Parks & Recreation
Residential Design
Sustainable Development & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Define what an NSP is, name its parts, and describe their interrelationships.
2. Give examples of single-chamber and multi-chamber NSP designs, discuss different methods of construction, and describe the European FLL Guidelines for natural bathing waters.
3. Describe biological filtration versus mechanical sterilization.
4. Understand the role of the Landscape Architect in design and planning NSPs.
James Robyn, Alan Weene
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