Community Health Needs for Planning and Design

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How can Landscape Architects make real impacts on the health of a community? This session is meant to be a primer for the various tools and information available to help you do just that, including health impact assessments, health improvement plans, and health needs assessments. These tools are invaluable for giving planners the actionable data to start addressing specific health needs of a community. In addition, this session will begin to help elevate our profession through case studies that will show how to integrate the analysis of community health, weigh the health impacts of the built environment and utilize best practices for planning and design for human health.
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Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
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Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
• Become familiar with tools, such as Health Impact Assessments, Health Needs Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans in order to explore the health effects of the built environment to make better informed design decisions.
• Gain insight into where and how to find relevant health data, which can then be used to identify potential health concerns within a community.
• Distinguish between Health Determinants and Health Outcomes to formulate design and planning strategies that help address potential health concerns within a community.

Matthew Schoell-Schafer, Affiliate ASLA
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