Historic Preservation: Accessibility (RV-10093)

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Historically, most buildings and landscapes were not designed to be readily accessible for people with disabilities. In recent years, however, emphasis has been placed on preserving historically significant properties, and on making these properties - and the activities within them - more accessible to people with disabilities. With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, access to properties open to the public is now a civil right.

This 1-hour interactive online course assists historic property owners, design professionals and administrators in evaluating their historic properties so that the highest level of accessibility can be provided while simultaneously minimizing changes to historic materials and features. Though accessibility solutions may seem intimidating to the dedicated preservationist, many can be implemented easily and inexpensively without destroying the significance of historic properties. This course lays out specific preservationist-oriented solutions that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related accessibility legislation.
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Accessibility / ADA
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Learning Outcomes
•Learn how to assess the historical significance of the property in question.
•Effectively identify the barriers to accessibility by disabled people, including stairs, handrails, doorknobs and restrooms.
•Identify character-defining features of a historic property and appraise the property's existing level of accessibility.
•Compare and contrast accessibility options within a preservationist context.
•Design accessible entrances and public spaces, including paths to entrances.
•Employ accessibility standards to create accessible restroom facilities.
•Recognize the balance between accessibility and preservation and select appropriate solutions that address both concerns.
•Propose new building additions without sacrificing the historic character of the original structure.
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