Green Design: Designing Relationships to Nature (RV-10206)

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This interactive online course expands on the theoretical views of Integral Sustainable Design introduced from the introductory course by exploring more deeply into the PERSPECTIVE OF CULTURES. This is a theoretical and conceptual exploration of practical design ideas, metaphors, and portable strategies, not a technical course on Sustainable Design. One is required to first complete the Introduction to Integral Sustainable Design Theory course before beginning this course. The primary investigation is: "How do I design to place people into rich and significant relationships with nature?" We will explore different ideas of what people think Nature is and the concomitant principles of designing relationships to Nature. Each primary view gives rise to a variety of metaphors in language that describes our understanding of Nature.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
•Name and explain at least five major ways of understanding the idea of Nature
•Describe a few principles for designing relationships to Nature associated with each major idea of Nature
•Discuss a wide range of generative design metaphors for designing relationships to Nature
•Relate through design examples the relationship between ideas of Nature and the solutions designers have created
•Recognize a range of design injunctions and strategies for designing relationships to Nature
Mark DeKay
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