Capturing Perceptions: Instagram, Twitter, and Professional Practice

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Visual social media such as Instagram and Twitter have the potential to offer more than a chronicle of our everyday lives. They allow landscape architects to reach into a vast storehouse of visual information and extract valuable information about the general public's shared landscape experiences. An ability to collect and analyze this information can give landscape architects, urban planners, and researchers insight into how snapshots reveal individual preferences and interpretations of the built environment.

This presentation will take the practitioner on a technological journey through the Instagram API Console and its potential when applied to a real site in an attempt to answer if this type of Big Data can be used to find hidden patterns and commonalities in the landscape. Webinar participants will learn how to use Twitter’s “Streaming API” to build their own tool for site analysis, post-occupancy evaluation, and design research.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how Big Data is changing how the public views, collects and disseminates information about the landscape.
2. Learn how technology has changed how people view the landscape and how it has remained the same.
3. Learn how the tool can be applied to find hidden patterns and commonalities in the built environment.
Kimberly Kneifl, Associate ASLA
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