Correlating Patterns in the Urban Landscape: Biophilia and Landscape Configuration

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Innovators look towards natural ecology as a source for inspiration in the urban environment. As designers, we are attempting to identify connections between biomimicry, inspiration from nature, ecological design principles and biophilia, human beneficial connection, and love of nature. The aim is to establish a relationship between ecological principles of landscape configuration and biophilic patterns currently existing in urban areas.

Focusing on existing public parks and plazas within five European cities, patterns of biophilia were correlated against landscape configuration characteristics and principal components were extracted. Statistical analysis attempts to explain the identified relationships between public spaces and natural patterns, as well as conditions which are conducive to both human and biological life, biophilic patterns, and cultural appreciation for nature. The comparison: 1) illustrate how natural features are visually, physically, and spatially portrayed in the current built environment and 2) promote integration of natural ecosystems into urban culture.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how existing urban landscapes utilize ecological patterns, including biophilia and landscape configuration in their designs.
2. and landscape configuration into the built environment.
3. Learn a method to distinguish existing and design complex spatial landscape dynamics into the urban environment (for human and ecological benefit, through the development of biophilic patterns).
Kimberly Dietzel, Associate ASLA
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