Urban Voids of Los Angeles

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The City of Los Angeles has grown from urban sprawl, and evidentially inherent pockets of under-utilized, un-planned, or mis-used voids throughout the City. Setting up a kit of parts for reinvigorating/regenerating these spaces, this research attempts to inform and formulate different design strategies in approaching these urban voids. Whether the spaces can be enhanced in social connectivity, or improved in ecological performance, the study showcases a closer look in-between, and aim to enrich the potential growth of Los Angeles.
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Remediation / Brownfields
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Urban Planning & Design
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Learning Outcomes
1. To explore various urban voids in central Los Angeles and identify their correlation to its surroundings and potentials.
2. To explore design interventions that increase the usage of inactive urban spaces and promote social interactions with its urban setting.
3. To recognize natural process and enhance the ecological performance in their urban voids.
Estevan Castaneda, Student ASLA, Cal Poly Pomona, BSLA
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