The Social Engineering of Flood Recovery

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One of the biggest hurdles faced by communities recovering from a flood is that the community itself needs to come together, become more involved and develop new partnerships to move forward with recovery. As landscape architects who work for government agencies on behalf of a community to restore devastated amenities and facilities, we see how quickly plans with the best intentions can be derailed solely based on the process used to develop them.

Many plans need to be driven by the engineer or Town in order to meet funding, permitting and requirements. With a community driven project, the people themselves set the priorities and endorse action as it moves forward over the years of reconstruction and recovery. This presentation centers on how true collaboration between landscape architects and engineers can provide a better outcome that balances the social needs of a community with the technical needs of a floodplain.

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Learning Outcomes
1. Understand the value of landscape architecture in flood recovery.
2. Understand the importance of community input during the planning process.
3. Understand how to develop and leverage partnerships to increase community support.
Mark Wilcox , ASLA
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