Cracking the Codes 2: Site Selection and Design (RV-6909)

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At the beginning of any design project it is important to take a look at any regulations that will affect your project. This 3-hour interactive online course looks at how regulatory issues affect the site selection and design process. The course looks closely at building use and position. You'll review issues dealing with property lines, adjacent buildings, site features, pedestrian access and positioning for vehicular access. This course is the second in the Cracking the Codes series which looks at developing and designing better projects, aided by the accumulated knowledge that regulations represent. The series suggests the radical notion that, far from being a hindrance, regulations strengthen design when understood and used properly. It shows them as lessons learned through centuries of skilled craftsmanship and tragic building failures, lessons far too valuable to be ignored or marginalized.
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Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, you will better understand the regulatory aspects of the following design questions:
Are the proposed sites eligible for development? If not, what kinds of sites should be?
Would proposed programs be acceptable for their proposed sites?
How should buildings be positioned on their sites to fulfill marketing needs, program, and aesthetic intent without compromising community identity, inhibiting fire department access, or having adverse environmental consequences?
How should major site amenities be developed, including roads and parking for cars and service vehicles?
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