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This is a comprehensive course about root damage, its causes and how the landscape architect can recognize it and prevent it. It discusses in depth, how roots can be damaged from initial tree planting and establishment, through the construction process and subsequent maintenance practices. The landscape architect will come away with knowledge of the basic functions and needs of a tree's root system and a total understanding of how to diagnose root problems and provide mitigation solutions. Information is provided about transplanting, root pruning, irrigation, root barriers, construction standards around trees and specific lists of trees that are more/less susceptible to root damage.
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
- The reader will fully understand the importance of a healthy root system and how to recognize that.
- A thorough understanding of how roots can be damaged and the importance of prevention and mitigation will be gained by the reader.
- Readers will be introduced to different technologies including physical root barriers, chemical barriers, directional boring and Air-spade use.
- This article provides a comprehensive look at causes of and mitigation of root damage for the landscape architect to start utilizing immediately.
Len Phillips (editor) with sources cited
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