Land Development Projects: Grading and Drainage Design (RV-10963)

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Land development projects cover a wide range of needs for our communities, thus they have a wide range of configurations. Earthwork is one of the key construction costs for land development, thus an efficient grading design is an integral part of the site civil design. Grading is also tied in directly into several other components of the site civil design such as drainage, transportation, sanitary sewer and building finished floor elevation. In addition, the grading design needs to be sensitive to the end-users of the project. The primary goal of this course is to assist planners, architects, engineers and contractors in understanding the key components of an efficient grading design using guidelines from AASHTO, Urban Land Institute, National Home Builder's Association and other public and private organizations.
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Site Planning
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
•Identify an overall grading scheme based on type of project and site topography
•Determine drainage inlet spacing based on design storm
•Develop initial rough grading
•Identify regulatory and operational constraints
•Identify perimeter constraints, such as tie-in driveways and buildings
•Finalize grading design to also include internal features such as landscape islands
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