Land Development Projects: Developing Feasibility Studies (RV-10961)

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Land Development projects are widely diverse and require a thorough knowledge of local regulations, physical site characteristics, and features surrounding the subject property. The early planning stages for a land development project are challenging because of the limited information available. To discover the true potential for a subject property and to identify its best use, feasibility and due diligence studies are completed in the early planning stages of a project. When properly completed, these studies serve as the launching pad and basis for the project's design and construction. Because of the diversity in the types of land development projects as well as the multiple variants of local regulations and site specific constraints, the completion of feasibility studies can become challenging as they have a large area of topics to cover. Even though having local familiarity with a potential project site is beneficial, non-local engineers/planners can also prepare feasibility studies in an effective and efficient manner as long as they follow key steps while conducting their due diligence investigation and analysis. The primary goals of this course are to familiarize planners, architects, engineers and contractors on key basic steps for developing feasibility studies that follow guidelines from the Urban Land Institute, National Home Builder's Association and other public and private organizations.
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At the end of this course, you will be able to:
Identify sources for local, state and federal development regulations for projects within the U.S. Determine infrastructure needs.
Distinguish different types of Land Development projects and their respective operational needs, identifying available infrastructure and recognizing needs for capacity improvements.
List the steps needed to prepare a feasibility study with actionable recommendations.
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