Constructed Wetlands - Introduction & Basic Concepts (RV-7422)

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Constructed wetlands can be used as artificial wastewater treatment systems. This 2-hour interactive online course provides an introduction into constructed wetlands, their history, common misconceptions and some guidance on when to use constructed wetlands. Also, the basics of constructed wetlands, including ecology, botany, and fauna of constructed wetlands will be discussed. This course includes sections on ecological concerns, human health concerns, on-site applications, and an extensive list of frequently asked questions.

This course is based on guidance documents published by the Environmental Protection Agency and provide general information for non-technical individuals such as decision makers and stakeholders, along with design engineers.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, you will understand:

Differences between natural wetlands and constructed wetlands
Basics of the two different types of constructed wetlands
The four basic misconceptions about constructed wetlands that can lead to their inappropriate use or design
Types of communities where constructed wetlands could be useful
Risks involved in use of constructed wetlands
Basic plant ecology of constructed wetlands
The significance of the different plants likely to be present in a constructed wetland
Basics of plant nutrition and growth cycles for plants common in constructed wetlands
Problems presented by animals in constructed wetlands
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