The Ultimate Project Manager, Series Summary: The Short and Sweet Version (RV-10446)

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The accomplished PM is responsible for leading, staffing, and managing all aspects of the project. This includes the work of the entire project team and the work performed by all administrative, engineering, and construction disciplines even if the PM isn’t specifically trained in the technical aspects of the other disciplines. It also includes the extremely important aspects of client relations. It is the project manager who is charged with the responsibility to deliver the service to the client. In this course we will touch upon the different phases leading to the foundation of the project and project features the project manager must control for in order to see the project come to a successful close.
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Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

List the items to be covered in the project proposal process.
Identify and describe the purpose and features of a contract agreement, project management plan, project schedule, and project budget.
Recall actions a project manager can use to effectively lead a project team and manage client relationships.
Affirm appropriate and inappropriate actions of the three communication methods.
Identify the importance and different features that should be controlled for during the project.
Describe how a project manager can manage project quality.
Identify how a project manager can control for project risks, before and after they occur, and explain the importance of managing project risks.
Identify the process and criteria a project manager should use in deciding which type of technology to use.
Describe how a project manager should carry out the process of a project closeout.
Recall and define alternative methods that could be used to deliver a project.
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