The Ultimate Project Manager, Chapter 20: Alternative Project Delivery Methods (RV-10444)

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Design-bid-build may still be the dominant method of project delivery in the AEC industry, but its popularity is in decline. Change is taking place in the AEC industry as alternative project delivery methods become a more popular choice, and project managers need to adapt to the changing marketplace.

In the twentieth course of this series, we will take a look at the changes and discuss the advantages and risks involved in the selection of alternative project delivery methods.
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Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:
Describe the design-build project delivery method.
List the strengths and weaknesses of design-build.
Explain the design-build selection process.
List different design-build organizations.
Identify and manage design-build risks.
Describe the execution of design-build projects.
List 7 keys to a successful design-build project.
Define Integrated project delivery (IPD).
List the benefits of IPD.
Name 8 challenges to IPD implementation.
Discuss IPD contracts.
Define Public-private partnerships (P3).
Discuss developing P3 clients.
Identify risk potential in P3 projects.
List 7 keys to P3 successes.
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