The Ultimate Project Manager, Chapter 18: Monitoring And Controlling The Project (RV-10442)

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The control of the project team and the project are the main responsibilities of a project manager. Because so much of the project accountability is in the hands of the project manager, it is essential that these professionals have the required skills to ensure each project is completed successfully. The purpose of this eighteenth course in The Ultimate Project Manager series is to provide detailed project management duties and responsibilities, including monitoring the progress of the project, tracking and analyzing schedules and budgets, and anticipating problems so they can be avoided.
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Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:
Identify the performance parameters project managers should monitor during a project.
List project monitoring and controlling duties and responsibilities.
Sequence the steps involved with the Integrated Budget and Schedule Method (IBSM) for project monitoring.
Calculate the earned value (EV) for a sample project.
Identify why it is important to analyze schedule and budget trends.
Describe items that should be documented in a change log.
Identify techniques for avoiding problems on a project.
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