The Ultimate Project Manager, Chapter 09: Developing Effective Communications (RV-10433)

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Effective communication goes a long way in building rapport with your co-workers and clients and informing all project stakeholders involved of a project’s direction and progress. The purpose of this course is to teach you about the various communication methods that can be used in your work place. In this course you will learn about the three most common types of communication (i.e., verbal, written, and body language) and how to use communication to send messages, conduct meetings, and monitor a project’s progress.
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Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course you should be able to:

Identify the different types of communication methods available for verbal communication, written communication, and body language communication and explain when and how they can be used.
Define the “Two-Minute Client Touch” technique and identify some actions that can help you carry this out.
Explain how managers can develop their own “Employee Touch.”
Determine the essentials of how to conduct a project meetings successfully and how to prepare meeting minutes.
Identify the critical parts of how to conduct daily and weekly check-ins.
Explain the importance of post-project communication and list the benefits of having post-project communication.
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