The Ultimate Project Manager, Chapter 05: The Project Schedule (RV-10429)

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Successful projects are achieved for a variety of reasons, but an essential component is the project schedule. The purpose of this course is to not to demonstrate the importance of project schedule, but of an effective project schedule. We’ll cover the different purposes for using a project schedule and the different techniques that can be used to build a project schedule. Throughout the course, remember that producing project schedules is not a project itself; instead they are tools to help you successfully achieve your project goals.
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Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you will be able to:

Recall and list the primary reasons for scheduling a project and the ten characteristics of a good schedule.
Describe how and when to use the following common scheduling techniques used by design firms: milestone charts, bar charts, the Critical Path Method technique (CPM), and the Full-Wall Scheduling technique.
Sequence the six steps of the CPM technique and the seven steps of the Full-Wall Scheduling technique.
Select the best scheduling technique based on a project’s characteristics and needs using the Selection Criteria for Scheduling Techniques Table.
Explain how to use a schedule to your advantage.
List the five pitfalls that should be avoided when preparing project schedules.
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