The Ultimate Project Manager, Chapter 02: Marketing And Proposals (RV-10426)

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Project managers are also proposal managers. In this course you will learn to treat the proposal process as a project. We will cover selecting quality clients using a client pre-proposal evaluation form. You’ll get instruction in making the “go/no go” decision reasons to turn down a project. We’ll show you how to manage the proposal just like a project through use of proposal manager’s checklists. You’ll learn how to prepare for the first proposal meeting, choose support staff, meet with clients during the proposal phase, and define scope of services. We’ll pull together the entire proposal and identify the difference between good and bad proposals, and how to avoid proposal pitfalls. You’ll also learn how to improve your presentations and complete a post-award analysis.
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Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
Identify the key responsibilities of a project manager in regards to marketing and proposals.
Evaluate a potential client through use of a prescribed evaluation form.
Determine a Go/No Go decision for a project using a scoring method.
Identify the similarities between managing projects and managing proposals.
Define the scope of services.
Identify characteristics of a good proposal, and discuss the elements of a complete proposal.
Describe the process of analyzing why you won or lost a bid using post-award analysis forms.
Identify techniques for improving your presentations to clients.
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