AIA's Essentials of Cost Management: Cost-Estimating Methodology (RV-3690)

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Few things can be more devastating to an architectural practice than a major project cost overrun. An essential element of successful cost management is the ability to accurately and quickly estimate costs. The purpose of this course is to approach cost estimating from a cost management prospective.

This 4-hour online course focuses on the essential elements and aspects of cost estimating that are critical in the cost management process. These critical elements include: standard formats, identification of cost drives, consistent principles of estimate preparation, cost-estimating methods, escalation and contingencies, risk management and range estimating, special estimating challenges, life-cycle costing, and value management. This course is part of the series AIA's Architect's Essentials of Cost Management.
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Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course, you will know the answers to the following questions:
•How do I establish standard formats?
•How do I identify and manage cost drivers?
•How do I estimate preparation principles?
•What are some cost-estimating methods?
•How do I deal with escalation and contingencies?
•What are risk management and range estimating?
•What are some special estimating challenges?
•What is value management?
•What is life-cycle costing?
Michael Dell'Isola
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