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Registered landscape architects and ISA certified arborists
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This course provides current information on successful tree selection and planting in an urban setting. Tree selection at the nursery is discussed in depth with regard to tree structure, root crown, etc. and how the landscape architect can best specify trees from the nursery. New technology in urban planting is discussed, including Silva Cells and Cornell University Soil.
Tree delivery types are explained including ball and burlap, containers, grow-bags and bare root.

The proper timing of tree planting, irrigation, mulch and staking are discussed. Also discussed are tree grates, tree guards, tree pit size and structural pruning issues that are common in the urban setting. Finally, the issues of tree training, maintenance and new tree cultivars for urban use are thoroughly explained.
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Horticulture / Plants
Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
- This course will provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of nursery tree selection for urban trees.
- The reader will understand how to specify for tree selection and quality expectations from the contractor/nursery.
- The reader will come away with complete knowledge about planting with regard to slopes, planting pits, soil amendments, mulching and watering
- Important information on the use of tree grates, tree guards, plant pit size, CU structural soil and Silva Cells is presented.
- The reader will understand young tree training and maintenance concerns for urban trees.
- This article introduces the reader to new cultivars of trees selected for use in the urban environment.
Len Phillips (editor) with sources cited
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