Green Roof Design and Installation

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Green Roof Design and Installation is the first course in the Green Roof Professional (GRP) Accreditation Program presented by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.

It is an updated and consolidated version of our Green Roof Design 101 and Green Roof Design and Installation 201 courses. It incorporates new research on green roof benefits and the latest technical standards, and presents tools and techniques needed to meet green roof project objectives on schedule, to specification, and within budget.

This course provides detailed information on:

• The full range of system types and components available to designers;
• Design principles to optimize your green roof’s performance and align with client objectives;
• Essential qualifications for your project team;
• Cost estimation and budget development;
• Implementation issues for new and retrofit buildings (including staging, scheduling, conveyance methods, and coordination of trades)
• Contracts and construction administration;
• Quality assurance, warranties, liability issues;
• …and much more!
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
You will learn:
* How to determine major functions and components of a green roof;
* The characteristics and be able to assess various advantages of different green roof systems available in the marketplace;
* How to utilize an integrated design process in your project;
* How to obtain maximum points by integrating a green roof into the US Green Building Council LEED™ Accreditation point system;
* Essential qualifications for your project team;
* Critical questions you need to ask your client (matching their ecological requirements to design practicalities);
* Identifying building code/municipal permit issues;
* Liability issues (including insurance, waivers, warranties, etc.);
* Design and implementation issues for new and retrofit buildings (including structural loading concerns, drainage, erosion control, storm water retention, etc.);
* Sub contracting and scheduling concerns.
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